Hueftle Cattle Company
Cozad NE 69130  


Sale Average $5069.00 on 89 Bulls


Lot 4 - $13,000 went to Six Mile Ranch, Fir Mountain Sask

Lot 1 - $11,000 went to Solid Rock Red Angus, Limon CO


Lot 3 - $11,000 went to Crump Red Angus, Gillette WY


Lot 11- $10,500 went to Chappell Red Angus / Swank Red Angus, Mill Hall PA


Lot 13 - $10,500, went to Loren Broberg, Tilden NE

Volume Buyers:

Kilday Ranch Co. Fullerton NE with14 Bulls

Jim Schnetzer of Wolsey SD with 6 Bulls

Jim Miller, Satanta KS with 5 Bulls


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